The Yak range of vehicle jacks are premium, European made air / hydraulic vehicle jacks designed to quickly and safety lift cars, trucks and other special vehicles in a workshop or mobile environment. Proudly 100% manufactured in Italy, The YAK range of jacks has proven themselves to excel in difficult environments. The jacks are reliable, quiet, fast and they come with a range of extensions at no extra cost. The YAK range is the largest range of its type in the world and has been consistently improved  upon since it’s first development over 40 years ago.



Company Philosophy

Our jacks have marked their presence over the years thanks to their high reliability and long life not to mention their practicality and elegance.



Quality starts with the choice of materials that are accurately selected and provided with technical data sheets certifying the technical and mechanical features as well as the chemical analysis.



The YAK range of jacks are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System. All our products are conform to the Machine Directive 93/44EEC, EN1494, 98/37/EEC, 2006/42/EEC and GOST.