CANGURO – Hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jack with hand pump. Very flexible operation thanks to the adjustable lifting bracket that can be put in 9 different positions exploiting maximum piston stroke. Fitted with handle and wheels which make it even more practical to use. 70 and 120 mm extensions are also available on request.

Ideal for reliable and safe assistance on forklift trucks and public works vehicles.


Technical Data

Capacity: 9/5 t   /   9.9/5.5 ton
Net weight: 30 Kg   /   66 lb
Working air pressure: n/a
Air consumption: n/a
Max stroke: 275 mm   /   10.8 in
Min. height: 25 mm   /   1 in


Jack applications

Forklift Trucks
Machine Tools
Mechanical Shovels
Farm Tractors
Special Vehicles


Compatible accessories

A02419 – Extension
A02417 – Extension
A02361 – Plate
A00875 – Plate
A00873 – Plate
A02410 – Extension
A02406 – Extension
A02354 – Plate


size and dimensions