SR 1500 – Hydraulic jack for wheels

Mechanical wheel trolley for tractors, agricultural and other machinery. Ergonomically designed
for the easy and efficient removal of large wheels. Side-adjustable lifting arms for wheel diameters
ranging from 920 to 2300mm (36.22 – 90.55 in). Robust safety wheel retaining bracket for the safe
maneuvering of the trolley. Precise and easy lifting and lowering by mechanical operation. Excellent
maneuverability due to the 4 large, heavy-duty revolving wheels.
Lifting arms fitted with 3 roller bearings for ensuring the easy location of wheels.

Download SR 1500 Datasheet



Technical Data

Capacity: 1.5 t / 1.65 ton
Net weight: 150 kg


Jack applications

Mechanical Shovels
Farm Tractors
Lorry Mounted Shovels
Special Vehicles
Articulated Vehicles
Semi Trailers


size and dimensions

A: 1160 mm  /  45.67 in
B: 720-1380 mm  /  28.35-54.33 in
C: 1360-2380 mm  /  53.54-93.70 in
D: 740 mm  /  29.13 in
E: 1360 mm  /  53.54 in