YAK 1123/C – pneumatic jacks

Pneumatically controlled jacks consisting of a highly resistant diaphragm and internal telescopic guide. These jacks are fitted with a limit stop device as well as a safety valve making them absolutely reliable in the case of excessive loads.

Silent, simple and lightweight, they are ideal for tyre repairers and bodywork shops in view of the fact they can also be used on column lifts. Also available in the trolley version (C).




Technical Data

Capacity: 3 t   /   3.3 ton
Net weight: 21 Kg   /   46 lb
Working air pressure:8-10 bar   /   116-145 psi
Air consumption: 100 nl/min
Max stroke: 228 mm   /   9 in
Min. height: 112 mm   /   4.4 in
Number of pistons: 2
Pistons stroke: 114 – 114 mm   /   4.5 – 4.5 in


JAck applications

Small Cars
Station Wagons
Sports Cars


compatible accessories

A02428 Extension
A02429 – Extension


Size and dimensions